How To Play

If you are new to lawn bowling, the video below is a great introduction to the game and will help you feel comfortable when you step onto the green.

Coaching Program

A key feature of the Highlands Lawn Bowling Club is that all members have the opportunity to learn the game and to improve their skills.  From June to August, Wednesday nights are dedicated to coaching and practice. 

The coaching team is led by Cecilia Gillespie, a provincially accredited coach and lawn bowling veteran of more than 25 years.  Cecilia works with a team of club coaches to offer clinics on various aspects of lawn bowling, including:

  • Basic roles and etiquette
  • Beginners’ lessons
  • Ditch draw
  • Draw at various lengths
  • Draw to boundary jacks
  • Draw skill test
  • Drive shots
  • Mat and jack/jack delivery
  • Measuring
  • Practice Package
  • Stance, delivery, and adjusting length
  • Game strategy
  • Using the mat in the game
  • Yard on shots
  • Zig zag drills
  • Stretching
  • How to play lead
  • Mental preparation
  • Position play

In addition to clinics, group practice drills and individual
coaching is offered, as well as coaching for junior members.  The goal of the coaching program is to
increase members’ enjoyment from the game of lawn bowling, and to prepare
members who wish to compete.

The club has invested in all the necessary coaching
equipment and has seen the benefit of the program in the past four years.  Members enjoy the game more, and have gone on
to successfully compete in local, provincial and national tournaments.

The coaching program is available to members free of charge.