HLBC Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Vision Statement:

The Highlands Lawn Bowling Club (HLBC) provides members, the community and visitors with the opportunity to experience lawn bowling in a welcoming and vibrant social environment.

Mission Statement:

To provide a safe, quality and affordable venue for social and competitive lawn bowling in northeast Edmonton for people of all ages and abilities.

To operate HLBC in a friendly, inclusive, respectful and cooperative environment to ensure that members and visitors alike have positive experiences at the club and equitable access to the sport.

To manage the club’s finances and assets in a responsible manner.

To collaborate with the Highlands Community League (HCL) to ensure that any changes to the bowling green and perimeter benefit both HCL and HLBC.

Strategic Focus Areas:

  • Provide a safe and welcoming experience for members and visitors.
  • Enhance programming to provide both social and competitive bowling opportunities.
  • Implement prudent financial management for long term
  • Improve marketing to attract a diverse group of members and visitors, and to increase greens usage.

Implementation Approach:

  • Board/member committees set up for each strategic focus area – at least one member from the strategic planning workgroup on each committee
  • First step by each sub-committee is to develop an action plan and each committee is then accountable to the action plan
  • Progress against action plans are reviewed at each Board meeting
STRATEGIC FOCUS AREA:  Provide a safe and welcoming member and visitor experience.
Create a welcoming environment. Develop new member program.  Improve member communications.
·         Plan open house and Canada Bowls Day events.(annual)·         Develop a user-friendly, web-based sign up process. (ongoing)

·         Remind members to be friendly and helpful to visitors and new members. (ongoing)

·         Remind members to model physical distancing and other pandemic protocols. (ongoing)

·         Ensure that board members and coaches are aware of the Safe Sport protocols.(ongoing)

·         Include Safe Sport protocols in HLBC Policy and Procedures. (ongoing)

·         Bury electrical cable north of the green. (2021)

·         Collaborate with the Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton and other seniors’ groups to introduce seniors in northeast Edmonton to the sport. (2022)·         Develop a new members ‘welcome manual’. (2022)

·         Create a roster for member volunteers to welcome and assist new bowlers. (ongoing)

·  Update member contact details. (annually)· Document processes for volunteers and coordinating events (so more members can support events that attract new members). 2022

· More active use of website, Facebook, and emails to communicate with members. (ongoing)

STRATEGIC FOCUS AREA:  Enhance programming to provide both social and competitive bowling opportunities.                                                     
Create schedule that includes lessons and coaching. Enhance opportunities for social programming Enhance opportunities for competitive play.
·         Schedule weekly lessons/coaching session. (annually)·         Provide handbook for new members. (Annual)

·         Provide virtual introduction to the game for new members. (Introduce in 2021)

·         Implement programming that introduces new players to the rules of lawn bowling, eg Jack Attack.·         Provide social gatherings for members like year-end dinner and long weekend/tournament lunches.

·         Introduce league play opportunity. (2021)

·         Promote lawn bowling to non-profits and corporate groups. (2022)

·         Schedule club tournaments (annual)·         Promote interclub tournaments (if allowed) (annual)
STRATEGIC FOCUS AREA: Implement prudent financial management for long term sustainability
Implement rigorous financial management. Review use of paid staff and volunteers. Plan for and prioritise capital investments Identify revenue sources.
·         Ensure that all board members are familiar with expenditures protocols. (ongoing)·         Ensure that the club account is audited. (annual)

·         Develop annual budget to be passed at the AGM. (annual)

·         Inform club members of financial status. (annual)

·         Add new bowls to club inventory. (2021)

·         Update list of club assets.(2022)

·         Review contract for greens keeper. (Annual)·         Gather info from other clubs re greens keeper compensation. (2022)

·         Review incentives and recognition occasions for volunteers. (2022)

·         Develop volunteer roster to track hours and tasks that volunteers do for the club. (2022)

·         Include priority capital items in annual budget. (Annual)·         Identify capital priorities in strategic business plan. (2023)

·         Consult with greens keeper re maintenance equipment and greens upkeep. (ongoing)

·         Consult with City of Edmonton and HCL regarding replacing fence on north and west side of greens. (2021)

·         Assist HCL in acquiring a new community building.(ongoing)


·         Investigate grant opportunities, and apply for available grants. (ongoing)·         Apply for New Horizons for Seniors Program grant. (annual)

·         Apply for City of Edmonton operation grant assistance. (annual)

·         Apply for ParticiPaction grant. (annual)

·         Maintain contact with AGLC to keep informed of casino opportunities. (ongoing)

·         Review membership fees. (annual)

·         Review fees for non-profit and corporate users. (annual)

·         Review and update HLBC information needed for funding applications. (ongoing)

STRATEGIC FOCUS AREA:  Improve marketing to attract members and visitors, and increase greens usage.
Consistent Information and Messages Increase HLBC profile within immediate community and northeast Edmonton Optimize Greens Usage.
·         Update signage, Facebook, and website to reflect current HLBC contact information and opportunities for play. (ongoing)·         Ensure that both messaging and policies are consistent with Bowls Alberta and Bowls Canada initiatives. (ongoing) ·         Ensure that the Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton has up to date info on HLBC. (annual)·         Promote HLBC at community events, eg Highlandia. (ongoing)

·         Promote HLBC to diverse groups, including persons of different abilities, race, ethnicity and genders.

·         Track member and visitor participation. (ongoing)

·         Consult with greens keeper to develop optimum schedule for regular play and special events. (annual)·         Implement an e-sign up system to optimize members’ opportunities for play during pandemic. (as necessary)