Membership Sign-Up – Sunday, June 6th

On Sunday, June 6th from 10am – 1pm come to 6112 – 113 Avenue at the club to sign up for your annual membership.  Cost is $50 for Adult Members.  $25 for 18 years of age and under (junior).  Payment by cash or cheque.  Please keep in mind when you come, keep 6 feet apart from the person in front of you as per the COVID-19 regulations.  If you have any covid symptoms and are feeling unwell, please do not come – stay home, isolate and book a test.  We look forward to seeing you at the Highlands Lawn Bowling Club!

Open for Bowling – Monday, June 7th!

We are open for lawn bowling on Monday, June 7th! Only 10 bowlers can bowl on the green at this time as per the COVID-19 restrictions and you must be a member.

Hours:  Monday/Wednesdays  10am & 7pm

Wednesdays – 7pm  Coaching for new bowlers

Tuesdays/Thursdays  2pm & 7pm

Fridays & Sundays – no bowling

Saturdays – 9am & 11 am

Profile on Ed Gallacher

Ed Gallacher and his wife Linda started lawn bowling at Highlands Lawn Bowling club in 2012, when friends of theirs, the Sandersons, were joining the club and asked them to join as well. That year they entered the Klondike tournament at the Royal Lawn Bowling club.        “We had such a good time we were hooked on tournaments!”
In 2013, Ed entered the Northern Novice tournament with his good friend, Dan Bone and they won!  “I’ve entered many provincial tournaments since then, but the best I have done is second place in the Provincials Pairs with Marvin Kwan.  Marvin and I have gone in the pairs many times and we have made it 3rd and 4th place but never have won it.”   In 2013, Ed’s wife Linda and his granddaughters, Alexis and Kiera went in an early bird Quadie at Commonwealth Lawn Bowling Club.  “Both the girls came to like the sport as much as we did. “
Besides lawn bowling, Ed enjoys golfing and curling. He has spent most of his sport activity time devoted to lawn bowling the past several years.
One person Ed admires and looks up to is his wife Linda. “I probably looked up to my wife Linda, who passed away in 2019. More than anyone else, she made me a better person. She always made the right decision no matter the circumstance. Whether it was a child needing help or someone needing help for one reason or another. I have been fortunate to receive advice from many people in this sport, including Cecilia Gillespie, who I have used as a coach since I came to Highlands Lawn Bowling Club.  The best advice I have received is stay in the moment and focus on the shot taken in the game by either team and always be aware of the score and situation.”
“Linda and I have travelled to Maui and San Diego and many trips to California and Las Vegas. I also was in Mexico when I retired. In 1999 I was contracted to teach railroading in the USA and taught new hires for Union Pacific in a college in Salt Lake City, Denver. I did a lot of instructing in the Chicago area as well as the midwest.”

Stay Tuned for Green Light to Bowl!

Hello everyone! Hope you have been keeping healthy and safe during these challenging times. Highlands Lawn Bowling Club will be closed until we are able to safely play in accordance with the health protocols, government regulations and the COVID restrictions in place. Stay tuned here for further information on when we will be open.

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Volunteers – Removal of Tarp

Highlands Lawn bowling club members were hard at work removing the tarp on Wednesday, April 14th. It was a very warm 16 degrees celsius and wonderful weather to be doing this task. Thanks to every person who volunteered their time. Ursula, our greenskeeper will now be preparing the greens for this season. We will patiently wait until the provincial government guidelines permit us to lawn bowl safely according to the protocols that are currently in place with the COVID-19 restrictions. Thanks to Tony and Barbara Spencer for these photos!

Neil – Great Player and a Royal Connection!

I have met and played with Neil at the Highlands Lawn Bowling club several times since I joined the club three years ago. Neil is a very skilled lawn bowler as well as an interesting person. Neil told me that he was a former manager of the estates/greens of the Royal Family and that he has met the Queen Mother and several royal family members. He told me while he lived in England, that he managed the grounds and buildings of the Royal Family. I was just delighted as I heard this as I am a big fan of the Royal Family and have been for years. Neil said the Queen Mother was a very lovely lady and would not disclose any other stories to me and I was persistent. Neil plays in another club in the city – the Commonwealth Lawn Bowling Club. He also has played in many tournaments over the years. I look forward to playing with him this spring at Highlands and hearing more of his adventures!

Highlights from our 100th Anniversary of Club – 2018

Some wonderful pictures I took of our 100th Highlands Lawn Bowling Club Anniversary in May 2018.

The top photo is of our former lovely President, Linda Gallagher, Kathy Kerr and an unknown gal in sunglasses beside her at our anniversary celebration. Linda was probably the reason I started to get involved in volunteering for the club. She was always friendly and encouraged me to help out at the socials. Now I’m Communications Director for the club and really enjoy it. Linda, Kathy, Gary, Eileen, Barb, Tony and Joy and more were always so welcoming when I started with my husband Kerry. Really warm and friendly people at Highlands Lawn Bowling Club.

Second picture is of Barbara Spencer showing former Honourable Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation and MLA for Highlands Norwood Constituency some tips on how to bowl.

Third picture is left to right of Helen Gillespie, Laurel Erickson and my husband, Kerry Weeks at the anniversary celebrations.

Fourth picture is of one of our members, Vivian Kwan showing and teaching Member of Parliament for Edmonton Greisbach, Kerry Diotte how to bowl at our Anniversary Celebrations.

Fifth photo is of three unknown guests under our anniversary banner enjoying the festivities.

Final photo (sixth) of our former President, Barbara Spencer in action bowling at our Anniversary Celebrations. It was a great day, warm, sunny and a great turnout at our 100th Anniversary celebrations in 2018 at the Club. We hope to have many more events in 2021 once the restrictions are lifted. Looking forward to lawn bowling in four short months! Happy New Year folks! Hope you are keeping active and healthy.

Some Restrictions Lifted – January 18, 2021

Starting Monday, January 18th, outdoor gatherings up to 10 people are allowed. Make sure you get out for walks, cross country skiing, skating, tobogganing, and start getting into action for the start of lawn bowling in May 2021!

Personal and Wellness Services are also open by appointment only. Ensure you book to see your hair stylist if you haven’t yet! Massage therapy, spa services (manicure, facial, pedicure) are also available.

Funeral services are now permitted up to 20 people in attendance at a service. No receptions are permitted. Let’s hope things ease up more, like recreation centres and restaurants in our province. Stay safe and healthy folks!

Merry Christmas & New Years Greetings

Wishing all our Highlands Lawn Bowling club members the merriest Christmas!  It has been a difficult year for all navigating through these COVID times.  However, we were able to have a Corona-tournament in September 2020.  We also had a very high participation rate in members bowling on a regular basis at the club during our bowling season.  We were able to successfully keep all Health Protocols in place and a great thanks to the following for doing so:  Gary Schwandz, Eileen Passmore, Joy White, Cecilia Gillespie, Kathy Kerr, Thelma Melnichuk, Richard Fitzgibbon.  Joy did a great job in organizing the Corona tournament and Eileen did a super job in setting up the online booking!  Our volunteers and board members came together to step it up and it turned out to be a very successful bowling season, despite our challenges.  I wish you all a safe, healthy and joyful New Year.  There will be new groups – particularly youth engaged in Highlands, one being the Girl Guides & Pathfinders group in our own neighborhood.  I was able to secure that before the year end.  I do hope our members will sign up early and encourage others to join us as we have so much to offer for the 2021 season.  Stay tuned for more details!  Happy New Years Highlands Lawn Bowlers!  It will be a great 2021!!!  Picture shown below is from the year 2018, our 100th Anniversary.  Written by Janice Fleming, Communications Director

Snake-in-the-grass bowlers from the Highlands Lawn Bowling Club.