Board Profile: Eileen Passmore, Vice President

Eileen started bowling in 2015, five years ago. “I went to an open house in May at the Highlands Lawn Bowling club the same year I retired.” Eileen has played in many tournaments. “I’ve played in the Klondike Quadi at the Royal Lawn Bowling club.” I’ve played in the President’s Cup.” She has played in the Provincial Women’s Seniors and the Medicine Hat Memorial Tournament. One bowls memory she is proud of is the Seniors Tournament she played with Joy White and Kathy Kerr. “We came in 3rd!”Lawn bowling is the only sport she participates in as she said she is not a sporty person. I tend to disagree with this as I’ve seen Eileen bowl and she is a very good bowler. So I consider her sporty. I’m sure she does other interesting hobbies as Eileen is a very interesting lady. She is easy to talk with, very outgoing and friendly and was one of the first people I met who was very warm and welcoming to me and my husband Kerry Weeks when we first joined as members of the Highlands Lawn Bowling Club. I asked Eileen who she admires or looks up to. “I look up to my husband Ron as he is a very wise person. I admire the following people in the sport of lawn bowling: Richard Turner, Ed Gallacher, Cecilia Gillespie and Joy White. The concentration and focus they put on the sports and bowling have taught me to become a better bowler while having fun and enjoying it. They are able to maintain their focus, and concentration while they are bowling, enjoy the game and treat everyone with respect.””The best advice I ever received was from Cecilia Gillespie. She said take something positive away from every shot.”The most interesting place I’ve travelled recently was Russia. It has a very similiar climate like northern Alberta; same vegetation and birds. Culturally it is very different and beautiful. Russia is very rich in history. It would take a long time to really understand its history. It was a wonderful trip!

Written by Janice D. Fleming

Jean Shepansky

When did you start bowling?   I started bowling in 2019.  Eileen Passmore invited me to the open house.  I practiced afterwards and really enjoyed it.  I took lessons from Gary,  Richard and Ed at the Highlands Lawn Bowling Club.  I used to golf at Highlands golf club and gave up my membership and was looking for another sport that was available during the daytime.

How were you introduced to the sport of bowls?  Through Eileen Passmore, my friend.  She invited me to try out at the open house.

How and when did you start lawnbowling with Highlands Lawn Bowling club?  I started playing in 2019 after attending the open house at Highlands Lawn Bowling club.  I became a member of the club immediately.

Have you played in any tournaments?  I did go to one tournament at Commonwealth Lawn Bowling Club towards the year end in 2019.  We didn’t finish the game because of pooring rain.

Name one bowls memory that your proud of.   Winning the mini-tournament on September 14th, 2020 was a highlight for me.  I tried my best of bowls in that tournament.

What others sports are you playing or that you enjoy?  I love golf but not playing it at the moment.  I walk in the river valley on a daily basis.  I play bridge online five days a week with my friends.

Who do you look up to (sports-related or not) and why?  I look up to my husband, Jim, who I’ve known all my life.  It was about love, commitment, compassion, caring and teaching me patience; which I’m not always good at.  I think of him and miss him every day.   The other person I admire was my father.  He told me that the whole world loved me, and I believed him until I grew up!

What is your best piece of bowls advice you’ve received or want to give?  Pay attention and stay in the game.

What place have you travelled to and tell us about your experience?  Last year I went to Africa and it was fabulous.  I went to Namibia and Zambia and went on seven safaris.  I stayed at a hotel where the elephant came into the hotel at  seven in the morning.  Sixteen of us went on a private tour.  I didn’t know of anyone on the tour and I got to go in place of my friend, who had a hip replacement.  It was the best trip of my life!

Series Featuring Members – Janice Fleming

When did you start bowling?  I started lawn bowling  in the spring of 1997 when I worked for Alberta Environment.  I was invited to try out for the Corporate Challenge and wanted to try my hand at lawn bowling.

How were you introduced to the sport of bowls?  I received an email from the Corporate Challenge inviting us out to join.

How and when did you start lawnbowling with Highlands Lawn Bowling club?  I started bowling with Highlands in 2018.

Have you played in any tournaments?  I played my first tournament with the club in August/September 2020.  I won a bronze medal and a silver medal with Corporate challenge in lawn bowling.

Name one bowls memory that your proud of.    I helped my team win a silver and bronze medal in 2018/2019 for corporate challenge.

What others sports are you playing or that you enjoy?  I love playing golf, tennis, hiking in the mountains, ballroom dancing (I’m an instructor) and swimming.

Who do you look up to (sports-related or not) and why?   I look up to my grandfather, Michael Rudnicky.  He came to Canada with very little to start a new life as his land was being taken from him.  He worked hard, and was a farmer, businessman and innovator.  He managed the local church and had electricity installed into the community.  I lived and cared for him for 7 years and I miss him dearly.  I learned so much from him and thank him for the sacrifice he made to have a better life.  If it wasn’t for him, my mother Anne, and father Ron, I would not be blessed to live here in Canada.

What is your best piece of bowls advice you’ve received or want to give?  Stay focussed, communicate well with your partner and watch your movements and placing before you release the bowl.

What place have you travelled to and tell us about your experience?  I’ve travelled all over  to Ireland, Scotland, England, Italy, Switzerland, and Prince Edward Island.  All are unique.  I will tell you about Ireland.  My father was born in Dublin.  I went as a child at the age of two.  I then went again in 2005 with my father and with my own family in 2015.  The country is filled with wonder, down to earth people, and the food is fantastic!  Countryside is breath-taking, be sure to see Blarney Castle, Waterford, The Ring of Kerry, Dublin and any small town.  Hospitality is fantastic!

Tournament Results

On September 14th the three Monday tournament concluded.

First place team went to Jean Schapansky & Ed Gallagher

Second place:  Anne Black & Bill Black

Third place:  Vivian Kwan  & Marvin Kwan

Congratulations to the top three winners and to everyone that participated in this tournament.  This was the only tournament that occurred in-house due to COVID-19 regulations.  We were not sure whether we would even be able to play but it did happen and we are so grateful that we had the opportunity to get some exercise, socialize and play lawn bowling!  Here’s hoping for a better 2021 with lots of play and tournaments.

Pairs Competition

Eight teams participated in the Pairs Competition on Monday evening,  August 31st at the Lawn Bowling Club.   Cecilia Gillespie acted as our Drawmaster and reviewed the rules and COVID procedures.  President, Gary Schwandt provided greetings and was pleased with the turnout and interest in this event.  Thanks to Joy White who organized this wonderful event!  The Competition will continue on Sept 7th and 14th at 7pm.   Good luck to all!

Back to Modified Play!

We are back to modified play at Highlands Lawn Bowling club!  The weather is hot and the players are ready to compete!  It is great to be playing in small teams while properly social distancing and following all safety protocols.  Make sure you sign up on the following link:  There are various days and times that you can choose from.  See you at the club soon!

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day from the Highlands Lawn Bowling Club!  This Canada Day picture was taken in 2019.  We hope to see you soon at the club as we enter into Phase 2 whereby we can start to play actual games.  This will commence July 4th.  You must sign up prior to play and be a member.

Phase 1 Soft Launch Successful!

Our club has been busy with many signing up since our June 13th soft launch into Phase I. Please continue to check our website and facebook page for updates. Use to sign up for practice play. Before you come to bowl, complete the AHS Self Assessment. Be aware of the signs and designated areas. Keep the 2 metre physical distance on and off the greens. Remember, if you are not feeling well, DO NOT COME! Lets keep each other safe by being responsible.

Umpire Training Sessions

Consider learning the laws of our sport and becoming an Umpire.

Training Sessions for Level 1 Umpires:

1. At home ‘on your own’ session: Introduction to the Laws of the Sport (followed by a 25 question open book exam)
2. Online workshop on measuring equipment and measuring skills
3. A measuring practicum (still considering how we do this)
4. Evaluation: a measuring and oral exam (in person at later date)
Apprenticeship: new umpires mentor with an experienced umpire for a minimum of 4 hours for provincial events.  For further info email

Get Ready to Return to Lawn Bowling!

Hello Members,   Due to COVID-19, we are getting a late start this year.  We are actively preparing for Phase One in accordance with Bowls Alberta and Bowls Canada guidelines.  Please stay tuned for further information on when we can begin to bowl.

Challenge 3. Long, Short, Medium jack lengths with one back-hand bowl, one fore-hand and one your choice.

Please note that you must be a paid member to bowl at Highlands Lawn Bowling Club.   We would be pleased to answer any inquiries at