Profile on Ed Gallacher

Ed Gallacher and his wife Linda started lawn bowling at Highlands Lawn Bowling club in 2012, when friends of theirs, the Sandersons, were joining the club and asked them to join as well. That year they entered the Klondike tournament at the Royal Lawn Bowling club.        “We had such a good time we were hooked on tournaments!”
In 2013, Ed entered the Northern Novice tournament with his good friend, Dan Bone and they won!  “I’ve entered many provincial tournaments since then, but the best I have done is second place in the Provincials Pairs with Marvin Kwan.  Marvin and I have gone in the pairs many times and we have made it 3rd and 4th place but never have won it.”   In 2013, Ed’s wife Linda and his granddaughters, Alexis and Kiera went in an early bird Quadie at Commonwealth Lawn Bowling Club.  “Both the girls came to like the sport as much as we did. “
Besides lawn bowling, Ed enjoys golfing and curling. He has spent most of his sport activity time devoted to lawn bowling the past several years.
One person Ed admires and looks up to is his wife Linda. “I probably looked up to my wife Linda, who passed away in 2019. More than anyone else, she made me a better person. She always made the right decision no matter the circumstance. Whether it was a child needing help or someone needing help for one reason or another. I have been fortunate to receive advice from many people in this sport, including Cecilia Gillespie, who I have used as a coach since I came to Highlands Lawn Bowling Club.  The best advice I have received is stay in the moment and focus on the shot taken in the game by either team and always be aware of the score and situation.”
“Linda and I have travelled to Maui and San Diego and many trips to California and Las Vegas. I also was in Mexico when I retired. In 1999 I was contracted to teach railroading in the USA and taught new hires for Union Pacific in a college in Salt Lake City, Denver. I did a lot of instructing in the Chicago area as well as the midwest.”