Neil – Great Player and a Royal Connection!

I have met and played with Neil at the Highlands Lawn Bowling club several times since I joined the club three years ago. Neil is a very skilled lawn bowler as well as an interesting person. Neil told me that he was a former manager of the estates/greens of the Royal Family and that he has met the Queen Mother and several royal family members. He told me while he lived in England, that he managed the grounds and buildings of the Royal Family. I was just delighted as I heard this as I am a big fan of the Royal Family and have been for years. Neil said the Queen Mother was a very lovely lady and would not disclose any other stories to me and I was persistent. Neil plays in another club in the city – the Commonwealth Lawn Bowling Club. He also has played in many tournaments over the years. I look forward to playing with him this spring at Highlands and hearing more of his adventures!