Highlights from our 100th Anniversary of Club – 2018

Some wonderful pictures I took of our 100th Highlands Lawn Bowling Club Anniversary in May 2018.

The top photo is of our former lovely President, Linda Gallagher, Kathy Kerr and an unknown gal in sunglasses beside her at our anniversary celebration. Linda was probably the reason I started to get involved in volunteering for the club. She was always friendly and encouraged me to help out at the socials. Now I’m Communications Director for the club and really enjoy it. Linda, Kathy, Gary, Eileen, Barb, Tony and Joy and more were always so welcoming when I started with my husband Kerry. Really warm and friendly people at Highlands Lawn Bowling Club.

Second picture is of Barbara Spencer showing former Honourable Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation and MLA for Highlands Norwood Constituency some tips on how to bowl.

Third picture is left to right of Helen Gillespie, Laurel Erickson and my husband, Kerry Weeks at the anniversary celebrations.

Fourth picture is of one of our members, Vivian Kwan showing and teaching Member of Parliament for Edmonton Greisbach, Kerry Diotte how to bowl at our Anniversary Celebrations.

Fifth photo is of three unknown guests under our anniversary banner enjoying the festivities.

Final photo (sixth) of our former President, Barbara Spencer in action bowling at our Anniversary Celebrations. It was a great day, warm, sunny and a great turnout at our 100th Anniversary celebrations in 2018 at the Club. We hope to have many more events in 2021 once the restrictions are lifted. Looking forward to lawn bowling in four short months! Happy New Year folks! Hope you are keeping active and healthy.