Jean Shepansky

When did you start bowling?   I started bowling in 2019.  Eileen Passmore invited me to the open house.  I practiced afterwards and really enjoyed it.  I took lessons from Gary,  Richard and Ed at the Highlands Lawn Bowling Club.  I used to golf at Highlands golf club and gave up my membership and was looking for another sport that was available during the daytime.

How were you introduced to the sport of bowls?  Through Eileen Passmore, my friend.  She invited me to try out at the open house.

How and when did you start lawnbowling with Highlands Lawn Bowling club?  I started playing in 2019 after attending the open house at Highlands Lawn Bowling club.  I became a member of the club immediately.

Have you played in any tournaments?  I did go to one tournament at Commonwealth Lawn Bowling Club towards the year end in 2019.  We didn’t finish the game because of pooring rain.

Name one bowls memory that your proud of.   Winning the mini-tournament on September 14th, 2020 was a highlight for me.  I tried my best of bowls in that tournament.

What others sports are you playing or that you enjoy?  I love golf but not playing it at the moment.  I walk in the river valley on a daily basis.  I play bridge online five days a week with my friends.

Who do you look up to (sports-related or not) and why?  I look up to my husband, Jim, who I’ve known all my life.  It was about love, commitment, compassion, caring and teaching me patience; which I’m not always good at.  I think of him and miss him every day.   The other person I admire was my father.  He told me that the whole world loved me, and I believed him until I grew up!

What is your best piece of bowls advice you’ve received or want to give?  Pay attention and stay in the game.

What place have you travelled to and tell us about your experience?  Last year I went to Africa and it was fabulous.  I went to Namibia and Zambia and went on seven safaris.  I stayed at a hotel where the elephant came into the hotel at  seven in the morning.  Sixteen of us went on a private tour.  I didn’t know of anyone on the tour and I got to go in place of my friend, who had a hip replacement.  It was the best trip of my life!