Series Featuring Members – Janice Fleming

When did you start bowling?  I started lawn bowling  in the spring of 1997 when I worked for Alberta Environment.  I was invited to try out for the Corporate Challenge and wanted to try my hand at lawn bowling.

How were you introduced to the sport of bowls?  I received an email from the Corporate Challenge inviting us out to join.

How and when did you start lawnbowling with Highlands Lawn Bowling club?  I started bowling with Highlands in 2018.

Have you played in any tournaments?  I played my first tournament with the club in August/September 2020.  I won a bronze medal and a silver medal with Corporate challenge in lawn bowling.

Name one bowls memory that your proud of.    I helped my team win a silver and bronze medal in 2018/2019 for corporate challenge.

What others sports are you playing or that you enjoy?  I love playing golf, tennis, hiking in the mountains, ballroom dancing (I’m an instructor) and swimming.

Who do you look up to (sports-related or not) and why?   I look up to my grandfather, Michael Rudnicky.  He came to Canada with very little to start a new life as his land was being taken from him.  He worked hard, and was a farmer, businessman and innovator.  He managed the local church and had electricity installed into the community.  I lived and cared for him for 7 years and I miss him dearly.  I learned so much from him and thank him for the sacrifice he made to have a better life.  If it wasn’t for him, my mother Anne, and father Ron, I would not be blessed to live here in Canada.

What is your best piece of bowls advice you’ve received or want to give?  Stay focussed, communicate well with your partner and watch your movements and placing before you release the bowl.

What place have you travelled to and tell us about your experience?  I’ve travelled all over  to Ireland, Scotland, England, Italy, Switzerland, and Prince Edward Island.  All are unique.  I will tell you about Ireland.  My father was born in Dublin.  I went as a child at the age of two.  I then went again in 2005 with my father and with my own family in 2015.  The country is filled with wonder, down to earth people, and the food is fantastic!  Countryside is breath-taking, be sure to see Blarney Castle, Waterford, The Ring of Kerry, Dublin and any small town.  Hospitality is fantastic!