Board Profile: Eileen Passmore, Vice President

Eileen started bowling in 2015, five years ago. “I went to an open house in May at the Highlands Lawn Bowling club the same year I retired.” Eileen has played in many tournaments. “I’ve played in the Klondike Quadi at the Royal Lawn Bowling club.” I’ve played in the President’s Cup.” She has played in the Provincial Women’s Seniors and the Medicine Hat Memorial Tournament. One bowls memory she is proud of is the Seniors Tournament she played with Joy White and Kathy Kerr. “We came in 3rd!”Lawn bowling is the only sport she participates in as she said she is not a sporty person. I tend to disagree with this as I’ve seen Eileen bowl and she is a very good bowler. So I consider her sporty. I’m sure she does other interesting hobbies as Eileen is a very interesting lady. She is easy to talk with, very outgoing and friendly and was one of the first people I met who was very warm and welcoming to me and my husband Kerry Weeks when we first joined as members of the Highlands Lawn Bowling Club. I asked Eileen who she admires or looks up to. “I look up to my husband Ron as he is a very wise person. I admire the following people in the sport of lawn bowling: Richard Turner, Ed Gallacher, Cecilia Gillespie and Joy White. The concentration and focus they put on the sports and bowling have taught me to become a better bowler while having fun and enjoying it. They are able to maintain their focus, and concentration while they are bowling, enjoy the game and treat everyone with respect.””The best advice I ever received was from Cecilia Gillespie. She said take something positive away from every shot.”The most interesting place I’ve travelled recently was Russia. It has a very similiar climate like northern Alberta; same vegetation and birds. Culturally it is very different and beautiful. Russia is very rich in history. It would take a long time to really understand its history. It was a wonderful trip!

Written by Janice D. Fleming